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"The Group"

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This is a kick ass community for those of you who are part of "The Group." And that's the only rule, you have to hang out with us.

It's gonna be a party, let me tell you. We'll post about what's going on, and all that other jazz.

There will be much more very soon!

Until then, respect your lovely maintainer (arcticangel) and have a lot of fun! Haha, right...respect...

The Who's Who of the LJ Bertha Group:

arcticangel -- Angie K.
athene454 -- Kate M.
mog_veranshu -- Alex K.
moonlightladies -- Natalie E.
petripurple -- Petra P.
praisethelord54 -- Billy D.
quitter1640 -- Andy L.
randomdispatch -- Katelyn F.
ricobird19 -- Jesse F.
stageguy71 -- Justin J.
squeely25 -- Stephanie K.
thebigdoob -- Joel M.

If you aren't on this list and have a LJ...make sure and let Angie know! And if you don't have an LJ, you need to get one ASAP so we can all party!