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Jumpin the damn Bandwagon

Well, I figured I wouldn't leave Angie hangin as the only person who had posted in our lovely little group, so.... yeah! Can I just say that cute boys who work with me make me happy? I only wish that I didn't act so f-ing STUPID around them! Je-sus. I never know what to say. :-( Sad.
Anyway, if anyone would like to write a 2-page reflection paper on something dealing with Judaism for me by tomorrow morning at 9:30, it would be greatly appreciated. Cuz I don't want to. But on the plus side, COURTSHIP IS OVER!!! Except for my final, but that doesn't count. AND my religions class is almost over! Woop woop. I know you all are oh-so excited for me.
In other news, I graduate in SIXTEEN days. That's 1-6. Sechzehn. (If I knew how to say sixteen in other languages, I'd write them here.) AND I leave for Florida in EIGHTY-FOUR days. That's 8-4. Vier und achtzig. (ditto.) Hah.
Oh, speaking of graduation, in case anyone doesn't know, my grad party is on May 31st, 3-7pm at my house. Be there or be an ass. (Or be in Boston being an ass.)
I am off, as I need to make sure my brother has turned off his light and gone to sleep, then I must write that damn paper. Yippee. Can you smell summer? Cuz I can.
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